Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Morn

Since my last post (April 2011) I have changed my entire life. I am less than three months away from graduating from college (Yay Me!) and I live in the mountains (winter sucks, btw). For one of my classes I am required to read some blogs and pay attention to the writing and use of images. As I was perusing some interesting blogs I thought, "hey, I should restart my blog." So, here I am blogging rather than reading the article we will inevitably be discussing in class in about an hour. I'm going to get back to schoolwork, but, as Michael Scott would say,"I'll be back...and I am back!"

1 comment:

  1. Your motivation to start blogging again has now motivated ME to start blogging again. Yay US!
    We rock. Ahahahah. I do love reading your posts again, I hope you keep it going. I actually just posted for the first time since early 2011 as well. Where has the time went??

    Miss ya!