Saturday, April 2, 2011

She's Indecisive (She Can't Decide)

Someday I'll keep track of how much time I spend deleting words from my blog as opposed to writing words on my blog. I'm afraid the former is significantly larger than the latter. This phenomenon has several causes: tonight, for instance, I'm having difficulty finding a topic that interests me; last night my issues were word choice and formatting; tomorrow night, perhaps my post will be riddled with spelling or grammatical errors (just kidding, that's never my problem). So after a ridiculous amount of time, I present tonight's blog:

My Current Top Ten Addictions
(In no particular order)

Soy chai (I get cranky if I don't have one in the morning)

Books (They are everywhere in my house)

Robert Pattinson (He's soooooo pretty!)

Organized living (Seriously, I can't understand choosing to live in chaos)

Purses (I own about a dozen; I like having options)

Music (The world would be a dreary place without it)

Jeans and t-shirts (My daily uniform)

Drunk Hulk on Twitter (He's sooooooo funny!)

HIMYM (It's legen....wait for it.....dary)

Analog clocks (They are strangely comforting)


  1. So is that an actual picture of soy chai? :)

    I was gonna say something about Rob being THIRD, but then I saw that you said "in no particular order." So it's cool.

  2. Of course that's soy chai ;)

  3. THIS IS AWESOME. I don't understand unorganized living, either. Also, analog clocks really ARE comforting. I love them.