Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why You Have To Be So Stupid?

I watched the American Country Music Awards (or something like that) tonight. Here is the country song I just wrote... I think I'll win an award for this and receive a standing ovation (apparently everyone gets one) when I perform it at the next country music awards show (I hope they get Rob Pattinson to present the award).

Wake up in the morning
I make my bed and brush my teeth
You sit in front of the tv
Why you have to be so stupid?

Then it's time for lunch
I eat a sandwich
You talk with food in your mouth
Why you have to be so stupid?

Time to walk the dog
I go home and do the laundry
You wear tight jeans with a plaid shirt and ugly vest
Why you have to be so stupid?

Finally it's the end of the day
I lay me down now to sleep
You make noise with your crappy "music"
Why you have to be so stupid?


  1. Hahaha! You're hilarious. I love it. We should definitely record this and put it on YouTube.

  2. Can I be a backup singer in your music video?

  3. We should totally record it...we can be called Three American Girls. We'll be the next big country band!