Sunday, August 1, 2010

On and Off Again

To create order from chaos is a noble goal:I am currently organizing my closet. To some this is undoubtedly a dreaded chore; to me this is a heavenly way to spend several hours. Once completed, I will bask in the beauty that can only be enjoyed by looking upon clothing hung according to color, shoes housed in individual cubby holes, bags lined upon a shelf according to size, and walls adorned with images of a pretty boy.

But why the compulsion to organize? Three months of unwelcome houseguests has finally broken my spirit. The only thing I have left to call my own is a bedroom. I have decided that I must make this one room exclusively mine. I am therefore determined to create the most tranquil, quiet space known to modern man. If I fail in this endeavor, I fear I may succumb to madness. Although, at this point, insanity might be  my truest friend.


  1. You're organizing your closet. Wow. Shocker. :D
    I'm excited for our new family blogging! You better not give up on it like you did Facebook...

  2. I will try to keep going...I can't make any promises :)