Thursday, August 5, 2010

Too Cool For School

i think evryone is stupid espesially people on the internet, they dont no how too spell or use good grammer or stuff like comas, which your suposed to use whenever their is a paws in the words your saying, duh, i lerned that in like kindergarden. i think we need better educasion in this country sew people woodn't be so dum and other people in the world woodn't hate stupid americans four knot doing things write. i meen were suposed to be the leeders of the world and most people in the usa dont even no how to reed maps or do math and stuff like harry potter, sew i hope obama can do some stuff to make skools better four are kids, because thats really important. i wont usualy be doing sew much politics stuff on hear , but i think this is really important.


  1. dude, u cant even spell importent.

  2. thanks i coodn't remember if it has a e or a a i will spell czeck nexttime